Band of the Day :D

So, I figure no one will follow this. I actually realize no one ever will xD but I’ll keep posting anywayyyyy


Today’s band is Mass Undergoe. I found them because their song “I Dug my Grave and Walked Away” was in the credits of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (which is an AMAZING movie!). Also, I found it funny that there was and ‘e’ on the end, because of the many, MANY times I’ve played Brutal Legend. Ahem:

“In honor of you guys, we’re calling this new army Ironheade! ….. With and ‘e’ on the end, so people know we’re not messing around!”   –Eddie Riggs, Brutal Legend, voice of Jack Black

Talk to you later! (ya know, even though I’m pretty much just talking to myself)


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