I’ve been very LAZY xP

Okay, to start — I’ve been opening this tab everyday for like a week and a half, but never knew what to post. I figure now that I should probably switch ‘Band of the Day’ to ‘Band of the Week’ so i don’t have to come up with posts so often.

On a side not — My hair officially died! I’ve been dying it for four years now, but the last time I bleached it, it started just breaking off from being so brittle. I have to dye it natural colors now, which is slightly depressing. I miss having a different unnatural color every couple weeks. Since I realize you have NO idea what I’m talking about; I have dyed my hair almost every color of the rainbow, and it’s been dyed more than 50 times. It’s not even teenage rebellion, because my mom is the person who dyes my hair. I truly only do it because I like to stick out. Though, in all honesty, I think from now on my bangs are the only thing that’ll regularly change color, because I miss my jet black hair. 

Band of the Week: Hawthorne Heights

More specifically, ‘Silver Bullet; by Hawthorne Heights. And not the screaming version either. The acoustic version is so much more passionate and meaningful. It really catches how much the passing of their band member hurt them. The problem with the screaming version is that is doesn’t have as much feeling. Bands like blessthefall can capture feeling in their screaming, and you can hear it especially in their ‘Suicide Season’ album (again, because someone they knew and cared for passed) but it is a skill that not many screamers have the skill. Then again, I have a hard time believing that Oliver Sykes is screaming correctly. Anyway! Look up ‘Silver Bullet’ 🙂

I have been writing this mini-novel thing for MONTHS…… but it’s a biiiittttt long to post here, soooo I think I’ll be posting random excerpts!! It’s not that good, and has next-to-no story line, but there’s some good pieces in it that I migghhhttt post. Maybe. If not from that, then I’ll post random poems or maybe continue my snippets from the ‘Friday Freewrites’..


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