Top 10 Movies

I’ve been talking LOTS about movies lately, so here’s my top 10.

10. Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s, of course)

9. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest

8.  Wall-E

7. Edward Scissorhands

6. Drive Angry

5. Ninja Assassin

4. Treasure Planet

3. Howl’s Moving Castle

2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

1. Nightmare before Christmas

Since it’s not even out yet I can’t say anything, but i’m really hoping the Bioshock movie turns out well. I’ve played the two video games probably 40 times each, and know the story REALLY well. If the movie turns out, I’ll have to revise this list. All I know so far is that the director is the guy who directed the initial Pirates of the Carribean trilogy (or at least, that’s what I’ve heard). Also, I’ve seen quite a few comments saying that Gerard Butler should be Atlas/Fontaine, which I totally agree with.

Another problem is that I keep wanting to put animes, but the series and not the movies haha xD Maybe I’ll have to do a top 10 anime series, or even just animes in general

Honorable mentions!

  • Thor (What? He’s hot!)
  • Corpse Bride
  • Beetljuice
  • Valley of the Wind
  • Princess Mononoke (this alllmmooosssttt topped Howl)
  • Captain America (Also hot! Though the 40’s/50’s aspect was really well done, and I love the styles of that era)

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