I am an Admitted Geek

Aside from being completely obsessed with music (I literally am listening to music every possible second I can. I’ll turn down my video games and listen to my iPod instead.), I am wayyyy into geekish things such as zombies, robots, and shows like Eureka, Haven, Firefly, and Farscape. Though, I’m not geekish enough to tolerate the movies Syfy airs on Saturday nights. Seriously? Those movies are terrible. Even I’ve got standards here. 

So! I was on thinkgeek.com, and found a pac-man hoodie. I literally screamed xD pac-man? It’s the best. Then? I found a zombie survivor hoodie. These hoodies? Totally worth the probably $80 it’d take to buy them xD there’s NO WAY I’m not going to own these.

Also! I have learned that there’s multiple kids of geeks. I am also, therefore, a music geek. Just so you all know, I can more than proficiently play guitar, drums, and piano. I usually play acoustic, because the guitar is a sidekick to my voice. As a result, I mostly play chords. I have a working vocabulary of close to 150 chords. I do some tabs (which in my mind, means riffs not just anything related to the sound you create), but mostly chords. I’ve been a percussionist in the school band for four years and I’m probably the best percussionist we’ve got here, though that’s not saying much. I’ve been playing piano since I was 4, and I’m now 14. Aside from that, my friends say that my voice is amazing, though I don’t see it. I honestly really hate my voice, but I sing anyway (usually in the privacy of my room).

My best friend and I talk music whenever we’re in the same room, so I know a few thousand bands, and the only genre I refuse to listen to is rap, because it’s nearly always about sex and drugs. But, he really likes to go out of his way to find bands that the grand majority of people have never listened to. Finally, though, I know bands that he doesn’t! I’m so proud of myself for that xD 

I wish I could post a straight top 10 bands for you, but I listen to so much music that it’d turn into a top 50, or maybe even top 100, cause I’m so indecisive. So Instead! Once a week, on Sundays, I’ll be posting my top 10 of specific genres. 


Since I am listening to this song on repeat and this songs been stuck in my head sing I found it, I want you all to look up ‘Oceans’ by Mallory Knox. Right now. The second I listened to it, it instantly topped every other song I know and is my *official* FAVORITE song. Actually. On second thought. I’ll just post the video here so you have to listen to it xD and maybe I’ll start doing that for all my “band of the week”s too; just choose my favorite song and post it haha

Anyway! I’m off to watch Farscape! 


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