Time for Venting

Sooooo… I have been royally pissed of by Hot Topic. JUST BECAUSE of where I live, they won’t give me any other shipping options than the $30 2-3 day. Which, by the way, is just stupid. Do they charge that much to get merch to their stores here? NO! SO, after saving up nearly $400 to do a massive order, I got nearly NOTHING because everything is overpriced and shipping was so expensive. Honestly? I’d rather just drive the 4 hours to their nearest store! Another thing that pisses me off? Anything worth buying from them is an “online exclusive“, so all those $30 band t-shirts I wanted cost (technically) more, just cause of where I live. It costs $5 to ship anywhere else. So! guess I won’t be getting all those t-hirts and necklaces and the such that I’d been saving up for. -_-”


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