Top 10 Alternative Bands

10. Sparks the Rescue

9. We the Kings

8. The Postal Service

7. The Maine

6. Every Avenue

5. Helio

4. Fall Out Boy

3. Panic! at the Disco

2. Th Killers

1. Mayday Parade


Sooooo I listen to a LOT of alternative music and feel like I should’ve been more specific, but that’d take actual thinking -_-” so I’m not gonna! Next week’s will be my favorite screamo bands 😀 Sorry, if the fact that I really love screamo makes some of you guys dislike me, and I do realize that it’s *not* for everyone. No I won’t expect any of you to even care about it, I just figure it’s something I listen to, so might as well post a top 10!


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