I hate the days when I have to get up and actually do something. I’d rather be back in my amazing, warm bed than freezing my ass off out there. It’s cold! Even in the freaking summer it’s cold! What’s up with that? I don’t wanna go to piano if it means being cold!! Why can’t I just stay home, wrap up in a gazillion blankets, and play Bioshock all day? That’s how a teen’s summer is supposed to be spent! Gotta love those video games (and no, they don’t fry your brains).

I’m already venting, so here’s what annoys me so far today. Firstly, freaking morning people. I refuse to be Little Miss Sunshine in the morning for you all, so stop trying to wake me up before 2 p.m.! Just because every single one of my friends is a morning person, doesn’t mean I am. Second, they crappy battery life of my phone and ipod. Seriously? They spend more time at 20% than anything else. They’re dying ALL THE TIME. So stop, electronics! I hate having to charge you all the freaking time!! I wake up, and one or both of them is dying or dead. I mean, really! Third, How freaking cold Alaska is. Even in the summer, I’m wrapping up in a comforter and two fleece blankets every night. And it never gets above 60 degrees! I feel like my muscles are in “deep freeze” mode. Year round. people ask why I never wear skirts? Well mostly cause I just don’t like skirts or dresses so stop asking! But partly cause I might literally freeze to death. Another thing? Extreme boredom. There’s nothing to do here. Sure, 3 months of warm? Okay. I could walk to nowhere in particular everyday. Eventually that’d get boring, what with my friends constantly yelling at me to stop listening to music. Why would I want to? Then I’d be stuck listening to them bicker. I’d rather walk alone or drown them out. What else…. Let’s see….. There’s a beach (that’s nearly always 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the town), a bowling alley (that’s either closed of unappealing), and the Cafe. the Cafe’s okay, but there’s never anything going on there. it’s equally as boring as just staying home all day, doing nothing. Their video games suck, and all the awesome people to hang out with have already figured out that it sucks there and stopped going. 

In short: This town sucks. I hate it here. Someone, please, get me out.


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