I would like someone to explain to me exactly why being gay is wrong. It’s not! I am personally straight, but I’ve got plenty of friends who are gay or bisexual and I see nothing wrong with it. And suddenly I have a friend who hates that he’s gay? Obviously, this must be based on the morals he was raised with, and I’m not about to go lecturing his parents. But I hate that people think it’s not okay!

You know what else pisses me off? That “gay” is slang for lame. That’s just disrespectful! I hear it everywhere! “Oh, that’s gay,” or ‘You’re gay (for not doing this or skipping out or whatever),”. It’s rude. End of story. It’s things like that that make gays ashamed of being gay or afraid to “come out”. Everyone has the right to feel safe and accepted where they live. And NO ONE should be excluded for something so stupid! These are just people! We are all just people! And we should all be proud of who we are.

Never let anyone tell you there’s something wrong with you. You are who you are for a reason, after all. Me? I get called “emo” and “goth” on a regular basis, I’ve even been called a vampire, but I don’t care cause I know I’m not. If they want to think that, fine. If they’re that quick to judge than they don’t deserve the time to get to know me. And it’s the same for gays. They’re just people, they act like people. Their sexuality doesn’t define them. Plus, haven’t most people experimented with it?

I’m sick of hearing my friends be shot down by the idiots in this town. I stand up for them because I care, and cause I want them to know that they’re not all alone, like I felt I was forever (though for different reasons).

If someone’s trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them.


7 thoughts on “Gays

  1. Why is being gay wrong? It’s not.

    Or, the Bible says so, but the Bible also says that the world is flat.

    Or, some people find gay people disgusting, just as some people find foreigners disgusting. They don’t like to think they are wrong, so they think we are.

    When are you going to tell your parents that you are straight?

    • It’s not wrong, that’s the point. I am personally an atheist because I just have too hard a time believing what the Bible says. My parents do know I’m straight, cause they’ve known a lot of my boyfriends haha sorry if that didn’t make much sense. I’m just sick of all these people thinking gay is a bad thing. I’ve got a lot of gay friends, and if that’s who they are I support it.

      I was more asking other people if they’ve got any idea why it’s just so wrong to be gay, cause I see no problem with it. It doesn’t change who they are. I can go back and edit that to make more sense. Thanks for your input 😀

      • Yes. I was trying to express the reasons of the oppressors. They boil down to disgust and religion, and ignorance. People who get to know out gay people are mostly accepting.

      • The town I live in is extremely racist, and the kids here treat gays like their own race in order to be cruel to them. I’ve got tons of gay friends, but them being gay doesn’t change that they’re some of the most awesome people I know. They’re just people! People that we’ve all known for years, but sudden;y, them figuring out they’re gay turns them into a bad person? It’s sick.

  2. Then- thank you for being an ally. It can be difficult. You are doing the right thing.

  3. I appreciate your words and desire to stand up for those closest to you, and for what you know to be right and true. You and your gay friends have the right to stand up for who you are just as much as any religious person has. I hope you continue to be the strong supporter that you are,even tho you aren’t gay yourself. Thanks!

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