Ads and Selling Out to Them

I really don’t care about people actually checking out this site. I just got bored one day and said to myself ; “Well! Right then! let’s make a blog!”. People can follow and comment all they like,  but honestly it’s not really about being a popular blogger. It’s just me, being me, and putting my views out there.  And!! I am SO SICK of seeing commercials EVERYWHERE. Buy this, buy that, who cares? It’s all useless junk!! I don’t want ads to be the reason people find this blog. I want them to find it because they notice! Because they see something interesting out of the corner of their eyes and look harder to find it. Because they are curious about what I have to say. I am NOT selling out! I am NOT putting ads on my blog! I will stay pure! I may never achieve more than a dozen followers, or fifty likes, bu that isn’t what matters!! What matters is that I had the courage to speak my mind, even if no one is listening.

Sure, I do in fact realize that tagging something, or referencing it is technically selling it, because when you see something you recognize it and you’re thinking about it. Like the product placement in  any movie you’ve ever seen. Just the background noise, just the voice over the intercom, just the soda he’s holding or the laptop she’s using or the phone the non-important, non-characters are all using. It makes it real, yeah? Makes it seem all the more possible because we recognize the equipment or the food or the store. The difference with me, is that the silver lining of my blog isn’t an advertisement for something you should know you don’t need, it’s inspiration. It’s common ground, and curiosity. It the occasional meaningful post in the midst of silly obsessions that I am sharing with the world because I want to know that my voice is heard.


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