Hullo Again ^_^

I got mah hair dyed!!! It’s all pink now :3 I’ll change my profile picture and post when I get home on Sunday! or maybe on Monday morning.. Something tells me I’m gonna be way too tired to actually post anything when I get back that night xD

Anyway! I got sick of my boring brown hair, so I begged Mom to make an appointment somewhere to bleach it out, and we used Splat Hair color the next day to get it all pink! I is a happy Sierra 😀 

I’m really ready to just be home xP A month is wayyy too long. All this painting and packing and mailing things is getting tedious -_-” but! almost home :3 tomorrow is packing an shtuff, day after is the flights home haha and then a day in the city for school shopping and the like!

I miss posting like a crazy person /).(\ but i’ll spam you all with posts next week! (hey, at least you’ve got some warning haha)



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