My Idiot Boyfriend

Woke up at one pm. Fairly normal. Check my phone, text some people back, and send a ‘good luck’ text to my boyfriend who was going to somewhere or other for Cross Country races. Check my phone four hours later, nothing from him yet. Seriously? I thought. It’s a race. It should be over in less than an hour. What’s the hold up?

Check my phone again around seven. I figure, okay. He can’t be more than two hours from here, and he left at some ungodly hour for the races. His race was at three, so he should be home by now. Is his phone dead or something?

Hah. No.

“Hey sorry i couldn’t text you back, I was in the ER.”


The perfect idiot decided to run a 5K race after not running at all since the last mile we did in school.

After explaining what happened and assessing my reaction, he tried to make me laugh just cause …. Well, I was terrified.

“Actually, it’s funny. In the ambulance, all I could think of was you. I was laughing cause you said you would’ve died if you did cross country, and I nearly did.”

Gah! This boy -.- I might just have to slap him the next time I see him.


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