I start high school next week. Orientation was last night >< Funny, the building always looked a lot bigger, until I actually walked around it. Now, it just looks pretty average. 

Anyway, I’m pissed because I didn’t get any of the classes I signed up for. Like, I got ceramics instead of Intro to Art (drawing and the like) and I didn’t get Spanish! I really wanted Spanish, cause everyone says the teacher is amazing. And cause I wanted to get my foreign language credits over with. I’m getting a lot of credits out of the way though, like the AK studies credit. And half of P.E., which is good because that teacher is a perv >< only two years with him though! I’m excited about FOL (focus on learning) cause three days a week we can do crazy things like rock climbing. Or, I could take a partial Intro to Art class! And at least I’ve got ceramics first period. Less thinking to do xD And I’m thinking of doing some of the other half credit classes online next summer, so I don’t have to sit through a whole year of it and so I’ve got something to do over the summer.

I’m living out my last week of real freedom! Going to movies, redyeing my hair xD Even trying to get my room relatively organized to make life easier in high school, meaning  +1 to my ability to get up and dressed in the morning, and +5 ability to actually find things when I look for them. So maybe there won’t be any more “lack of pencils” problem. Maybe I’ll want to keep three or four of things that have a nasty habit  of going missing in the bottom of my ginormous locker. Like calculators and erasers and extra paper and the like haha 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Shocked

  1. Anita M. King says:

    Good luck for your first day! High school is worlds better than middle school most of the time.

    I’m no great artist, but when I took ceramics, I found that it actually did a lot to improve my drawing skills because it gave me practice in thinking about shapes from different perspectives. It might not be a bad thing for you to get stuck with ceramics first. But I bet you’re going to appreciate getting to manage your own schedule when you hit college.

    • I have a pretty set college plan. My best friend and I thought it up when I was in sixth grade (she’s the grade ahead of me). Honestly, for my college plan I don’t need anything special. Just chemistry, pretty much. I plan on going after cosmetology, cause it’s cheap, fast, and easy xD

      • Anita M. King says:

        If cosmetology is what you enjoy, then give it a go! But I recommend also leaving yourself open to the possibilities. Some people know what they want very early and never waver, which is cool, but many discover interests they never would have considered that end up growing into passions. Only about 20% of my friends stuck with their original plans for what to study in college. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t! It can just be good to know that there will be possibilities in college that you probably don’t know about now, and that might not even exist yet.

      • Mostly I’m taking this direction because after I find a job I’ll have the money and means to take college courses in whatever else I want (probably online). Cosmetology is the easiest way to provide me with what I need to pursue what my passions turn out to be. I think the real question here is whether or not my best friend will stick with this, because she’s not quite as focused as I am. I hope she does though, cause I love her like family, and who knows what those years apart would do to us.
        However, I know what I DON”T want to do–Anything that requires calculus or crazy science. I’m the artistic type, not the science/math type like my parents. So if I take extra courses online, it’ll probably be music or some other art.

      • Anita M. King says:

        That’s a perfectly valid way to go. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a day job, as long as it’s not in a field you hate. One of the nice things about cosmetology is that it’s already a creative pursuit for a creative person.

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