Biology Book

I got the most ghetto biology book ever xD the front cover is torn off, and when I got it it had a paper cover holding it together. A paper cover that said “Hi from (…)!” from ten different people, had the Blink-182 smiley thing, and said Angels and Airwaves on it.So I showed it to the the teacher thinking “God, I hope she doesn’t baby me and tell me ‘oh I’m so terribly sorry! Why don’t you go get a different book?'” so I waited patiently for her to be done writing what ever it is, then held my book in one hand and the torn off cover in the other, “Soooo can I just duct tape this back together?” “Yeah sure whatever”. Forgot to bring it home to do that, I’ll get it tomorrow though. But I still find my broken book hilarious xD


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