**I apologize now for any language you don’t approve of, but please don’t comment about the language. Usually I’d be more careful, but I really don’t think there’s much substitution here.**

Okay, that’s pretty broad, let’s narrow it down to those assholes with no life that make fun of everyone else because they need to feel better about themselves. Not narrow enough? The face to face, threaten you as they walk by in the halls type. The I’m going to tell you everything I hate about your style because you stand out type.

It’s hard not to stand out when you’ve got orange and blue hair, or (in my best friends case) bright purple hair. It’s hard not to stand out when you wear clothes that aren’t Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch or Aeropostal. But I am sick to death of people making a point to stop me in the hall and tell me they don’t like what I’m wearing. So I look different. That a crime? At least I have the guts to stand out. Honestly, I think they’re just jealous that I can pull it off. So what if I look emo, so what if I look hipster. The clothes I wear don’t define me. Sadly, the clothes they wear define them. The idiot jocks and s**ts that would do anything to be noticed, they’r all too easy to spot.

Any average day, I wear a band shirt, my Asking Alexandria or skeleton hoodie, four to six bracelets with various bands on them (or for the TWLOHA movement), skinny jeans of nearly any color of the rainbow, and converse with two studded belts and two to three necklaces. Why? Because I can. Because I like it. Because it’s what I’m comfortable in. What right do people have to tell me my clothes suck, or that they’re stupid? The least they could do is come up with something containing bigger words. The words scary, stupid, and emo are getting quite tiresome. And hey, I’m not the one going around wearing shirts that purposely let my boobs hang out, or mini skirts, or booty shorts. Seriously girls? Have some class.

So ANYWAY, I’ve decided that these people are bullying me in an effort to scare me or suppress me into blending in with the crowd. But why would I want to? In my mind, it’s THEIR clothes that suck. Excuse me, the words that actually cross my mind are: slutty, tasteless, bland, and monotonous. Is that REALLY the appealing style these days? I’d rather be called emo than blend in with that. 

The problem is that teen girls are given clothes to look like whores. That’s what’s made for them, that’s what was made popular, and you know what? It’s disturbing. What parent wants their kid strutting around in mini dresses that reveal way too much? Cause if I was a parent, i would burn my kids clothes that were like that and tell her to shop for something else. Though honestly, i’m smart enough to just teach my kid that dressing like that is only for attention from the wrong people, and that you can still get attention and be sexy (I am in high school, I think I could pull off sexy) without revealing yourself. That way, you get attention from better people. People notice you and your beautiful personality, not that you’d go as far as they ask you too with the lights off.

And that’s another thing. Girls use clothes like this as a sign that they’ll f*** anyone. you could pick the whores out of a crowd easy. Also, these girls may dress badly at school but at grind-fests like homecoming, it is dramatically worse. These girls use dances like that to dress even worse than normal. it’s a pathetic cry for attention. Speaking of homecoming, it’s the last week of September here, and all my friends want me to go and i won’t. Why? Because grinding is nasty. Who thought to start that trend? Obviously some sick bastard -.- So my friends? They can complain all they want. i’ll go to the game but I’m not going to the dance.

Anyway! Sorry bout all that, I just had to rant about all the trends that disgust me. Oh and parents that view this! Promise me you will raise your child to know that things like these aren’t okay. There’s better ways to be popular, if that’s really what they want. But I’ve found it’s better to let the stereotypical popular kids stay the stereotypical popular kids, and find yourself some genuine friends. 



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