I Hate My Schedule

Let’s start with the fact that I have to carry two binders, two books, and two notebooks to my fourth period class because there’s not realistically enough time between bells to run back to my locker and switch my fourth per. stuff to my fifth per. stuff.  I think the only nice thin I can really come up with is that my first period class is ceramics. It’s easy, laid back, and I don’t have to haul anything there. 

However, the way my schedule works and the way my boyfriend’s does mean I only ever see him at lunch xP which sucks. Yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but hey. I’m upset. It’s annoying. We’re in the same building all friggin day and we never really see each other.

Also. School is too damn long! Eight hours?? Who said that was okay??? Cause obviously the kids didn’t -.-

It’s only Monday, and I’m already wishing it was Friday. I just wanna spend tomorrow walking around town listening to music. And drinking Arizona Tea (that stuff is amazing). Or maybe just staying home playing Bioshock all day. I’d be happy with that. 


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