Another Post You’ll Have To Excuse the Language On

Not kidding, and no I’m not swearing to be funny or to be “cool”, i’m swearing cause I have been ROYALLY pissed off.

Someone stole art, right off my walls, tacks and all. I think I’ve found four pictures to be missing now. FOUR! EVERYONE that walks in here KNOWS how much work I’ve put in to getting all that shit on my walls to the point where it’s been plastered with art! It’s taken three years! AND they took three pictures I really cared about. FUCK this! Who DOES that? Who just walks into a room and thinks “Oh, I wonder if she’ll notice if I take three or four pictures, considering there’s probably two hundred up there.” Bitch, of COURSE I notice. I drew that shit! I know what’s up there!

So yeah, she took the picture I drew for my boyfriend. Not to give to him obviously, but more like pieces of the picture were references to us. And The one with the Mayday parade quote? Fuckin’ A! I LOVED that picture! I worked really hard on it, which is hard at 3 in the morning! Plus, the chick was wearing flannel and a slouchy hat. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. And the Pikachu? My BEST FRIEND drew it for me because I asked her to, and it was amazing. She’d drawn it THAT NIGHT! Wake up, go downstairs for breakfast, person leaves and all of a sudden, where’s my Pikachu? The Hell? “Oh, Sierra it’s probably just under your bed or under the rug” *three hours of tearing my room apart looking for it* “Still gone guys! Someone stole it! Oh, they also took other pictures!” The umbrella one? It was at the top of my wall, at a spot with no available furniture to stand on to get it. They took the tacks too! The hell??! So, it looks like I’ve got stuff to redraw (if I even can). Fuck the world -.-  


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