Stupid Due Dates

I hate due dates. Me, being a master procrastinator, always puts things off till the last possible second. So suddenly all the dates are stressful. bad habits, I know. I’ll learn my lesson eventually. Especially essays! Hate those things -.- Language arts used to be my favorite class, now it’s just a pain.

So! I sit here, putting off revising my essay that’s due tomorrow. I’m pissed off cause NEITHER pair of headphones I’ve got work. And there’s no MCR on my iPod. Stupid friends, not getting me the bands I want. So much for having Teenagers and Welcome to the Black Parade stuck in my head. Blah 😛 hey, at least I get to go swimming tomorrow with my boyfriend, and have a Disney marathon with my best friend! Thank god for Fridays!!!!

I am not afraid to keep on living; I am not afraid to walk this world alone.

— Famous last Words, My Chemical Romance


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