So, It’s Been a While

I always look at my blog thinking I’ll post something, and I never do. Should I? I don’t know, it’s starting to seem almost pointless xD 

So again I sit here, munching on wheat thins and listening to music, and getting easily distracted by, well, everything. My room and the internet are very distracting things.  That’s alright, I can go back to writing my novel-y thing I guess. I’d post it! But it’s really long o.o so I won’t unless more than one person asks me to, then I’ll post it in pieces or under a new page. 

Christmas is coming! Not that I care, though some of you might. I don’t know, it seems like a pointless holiday to me. Too materialistic, too much for the benefit of companies like Hallmark. Seems a bit ridiculous. Then again, I’m the one celebrating it twice this year (my best friend and I are going to have our OWN Christmas, with our own little tree and everything). 

Not much has really been going on, just the usual teenage hormone-induced drama.  I think the most recent thing was the landmark (for me anyway) of six months with my boyfriend. That’s not particularly common in early teens, so I’m proud of it 🙂 Even hoping that he and my friend’s boyfriend can join us for our post-Christmas…. thing.

I DID finally invest in a real winter jacket. Lived in freezing weather for ten years, and NOW I get a real jacket. Then again, teenagers feel invincible. I made it through last winter with a hoodie and converse. Reminds me, I got new converse today 🙂 Orange ones! I’ve never had colorful converse, just black or gray. However, new shoes means more lacing…. ugh. 

Also, I can’t wait for winter break because that means Firefly marathon! And who doesn’t love a good space-cowboy shootout? and Hopefully I’ll be getting a few seasons of Doctor Who on DVD. And possibly Black Butler 😀  

All in all, aside from school, life is pretty nice. Cold! But nice 🙂

Hope everything’s going well for you too!

Byyeee 🙂



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