Boredom when I should be reading

Technically, I should be reading my non-fiction book for langauge arts.


Because I was sposed to be done with it two days ago.

But whatever, I’m a fast reader.


I’m going to a hockey game on Sunday (to watch my boyfriend be badass and score for me)! And I know nothing about hockey, soooo xD let’s see how this goes haha

ohmigosh yum peanut butter…..

Anyway I’m sitting here listening to Set It Off and Joe Brooks because they are the bands (other than My Chemical Romance) that I’m obsessed with right now. And eating rolls with peanut butter on them. And thinking “I should really finish that book. Damn books. I don’t like forced reading.” And then deciding it’s not a terrible book. Sad. And scattered. And completely unorganized. But it’s not bad.

I actually only realized that tomorrow is Friday maybe an hour ago. Just feels like a Friday to me. Though I guess if it were Friday, Haley would be here, lecturing me about spending too much time on the computer and ignoring her. Whatever, she basically lives here anyway. Not sure why she doesn’t just go downstairs and play video games while I check all my blogs and my email and all those sites I check everyday..

So I’m off to read!

night :3


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