Well Then….

This last week has been so.



I’ve been sick, but haven’t been able to sleep. Lack of sleep made for a very long day, every day. Until last night, when I got home at 5 and slept for three hours, then had dinner and did my chores and went to bed at 11, and then proceeded to sleep through my alarms the next morning. And I still feel horrid. Whatever this is, I hate it.

Also, I’m going crazy without my music. Music is sanity, for me, and without my music I go more than slightly crazy. Luckily I’m close to the amount I need for a new iPod.  Still. I won’t have ALL my music. Which makes me more than slightly annoyed. Not to mention having to go and re-download all the music I’ve already bought, which is tedious. And iTunes is absolutely infuriating. 

I think I’ll drown my troubles in hot tea and watch a Disney movie now 😛

Who says 15 year olds hate everything?

Well nearly 15.

And maybe I’m just not normal.

I sure as hell don’t wear mini-skirts and heels to school.

Or waste my life trying to be popular.

What am I saying? I’ve never been normal! Haha

And that’s exactly what my boyfriend loves about me 🙂

So screw society, I choose to be strange.


And proud.


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