Ranting About Drugs

The town I live in have maybe seven thousand people.

Of those, maybe two thousand don’t excessively drink or get high.

Of those two thousand, 95% are under ten, or over seventy.

The five percent that’s left includes my boyfriend, his friends, and myself. I have other friends, but most of them smoke pot.

A lot. 

I don’t really agree with it, but I can’t force them to stop. So I tell them that as long as they don’t try to make me smoke or drink, I’ll stay friends with them.

(my cat’s staring at me, looking pretty spiteful, and it’s a little stalker-ish)

Really, i just don’t even like the idea of drugs.

Let’s start with pot.

I view pot as the “gateway drug”., seeing as it’s the gateway to thinking other drugs are okay. And they’re not! You could start with pot and three years later be a meth addict, getting arrested for a meth lab explosion in your garage. It happens! Quite often here, even. Just last week mom was driving me and my boyfriend to drop him off at his friend’s ’cause it was getting late and we drove by three cop cars outside the post office. At the time we thought there’d been a car crash. Later there were rumors about a body being found in the car that’d been pulled over. Later still, we all learned it was a meth lab. They were making meth in soda bottles. Soda bottles! I mean, what the hell? I bet that before all this meth business they were pot heads. I bet they’re still pot heads, actually.

I will admit that some people legitimately need it. It’s a lot cheaper than morphine but has the same basic effect. Therefore, it makes a pretty good pain killer if you need it. But the people who smoke it to be cool? I just don’t get it. They like to tell me it’s healthy because it’s a plant. Oh yeah? Tobacco’s a plant. Poison ivy’s a plant. Mushrooms are plants. Plus, it’s still smoke. You still inhale smoke, which is still bad for your lungs. And, I read somewhere that smoking pot temporarily decreases your IQ by eight percent or something like that, which means constant use really does make you stupid. And all these pot heads wonder why they have so much trouble with school. WELL I FUCKING WONDER. I have no respect for these people.

Aside from that, it’s just flat out bad for you. Why people choose to ruin their bodies like this, I will never understand. 

And the cool bit? I’d rather be respected than “cool”. And I don’t need to smoke anything to be respected, I just need to be true to myself–wear what I want to wear, stand out, be different, choose to do things my way instead of theirs.

Anyways! It’s two in the morning and I just wanted to rant about something.

And happy birthday to me, I guess! 😛 blehh. 


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