Haii Thurr :3

The first week of last quarter seemed to trudge on more months, though that very obviously isn’t the case. I had basically flipped my sleeping schedule over break, becoming a night owl, like I’d choose to be if I could, so the sudden wake up call at seven a.m. left me sluggish and irritable all week. I even fell asleep during biology  one day. Thankfully, the teacher didn’t notice. 

By the way, if you’re interested in my creative writing, I post that on Booksie. Same username, because I use it for everything. It’s my internet identity 😀 my name is SirensCalling and I live in Narnia. That’s just how it is.  But yeah! Booksie! check it out, please 🙂

So, Aside from my chemically-impossible hair and general distaste for school, things are pretty normal. School…… I’m just fed up with it. I used to be able to come up with at least one class I genuinely liked, but not anymore.

Oh right, the hair.

So I dyed it green after I bleached out the rainbow. And it’s turning blue. How is that even possible?? I KNOW that blue turns green because there’s copper in blue dye. But how does the inverse occur? Just…. How? I mean, it’s really pretty and all, but I’m so confused.

Oh, and I’ve also been drawing quite a lot. I posted them all to the page I made for pictures, but here’s my favorites: 










Just to get you interested in checking, haha ^^

Also, I’ll be changing my background picture soon. Not because I don’t like it, because to be perfectly honest I love it. I just feel like it scares people off and I’d really like to have more followers, and more of my posts liked and commented on. So I want to try to make my blog more…. approachable.

I’ll miss my little monster 😦



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