Totoro says hi!!

Deep breath in,

heavy breath out.

It’s only

a few more weeks

until freedom.


So, hi there 🙂

I’ve decided that if I want to keep this blog going I have to put real effort into it. Though, since I know I’m not the target age of WordPress  I’ve already established it’ll be difficult to appeal to more audiences.

I really would like more followers, because when I do talk about worthwhile subjects I reach out to a lot of people, and I like feeling like my opinion is actually being heard, because to be perfectly honest, most kids my age are completely ignored when it comes to subjects that matter.

And I mean really, we all know I’m a horrid writer, so all I’ve got going for me are my concrete opinions. 

Anyway, my page is all new! Thus the Totoro comment haha so check it out! (thank Alex Pardee for the new background (it’s not the same as his, somebody edited the normal one, but he is the original artist so))


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