School is a waste of time as is, and here’s why:

Seriously, when will the volume of a circle times the year the Constitution was written plus the area of a frog’s heart EVER come in handy?

I don’t need to multiply purple and George Washington to know how many apples there are on the moon, I can count.

Seriously, I think there should be more pressure on teens to know the career path they want by freshman year so they only have to take classes necessary for that path. Yes it’s useful for some people to know things like history or complex algebra, but personally? Not me! All I need is chemistry, a few art classes, and some language classes. And French. I reallllyyyy want to learn French. Sadly, it’s heard for me to learn outside of a classroom environment and there is no French class offered here. Ugh. 

But back to the original idea!

Kids are wasting time, motivation, and willpower on learning subjects that will be of no use to them in life. If you want your kid to have good grades, teach him/her subjects they’re actually interested in. If they love arts of various sorts, put them in art and language classes. If they love science, stick them in biology or chemistry. Or Physical science but that’s a *ahem* bull shit *cough cough* class. If your child is struggling with a subject, find one better suited. School is to prepare them for THEIR lives, not to create drones that all spew out the same information. It’s not to compete with other school, it’s supporting individual people. They always tell us we’ll need this later in life. Well, I asked one of my favorite substitute teachers that is in his fifties now if algebra ever came in handy.

He said not once in his life has he ever used algebra outside of school.



Teachers tell us LIES.

Like the state studies class I’m taking.


Another example of a bull shit class.

Half the things they teach us are completely USELESS. They say they care about the students, but they’re not giving us room to figure out what we’re doing! They’re not letting us chase after our dreams because they’re forcing us to take unnecessary classes just to graduate.

And I know that some people want to be engineers and doctors and such. So let them take the Calculus 5 and Biology 3 classes. Everyone would be happier, partially because the biggest problem is school is students’ attitudes in the classroom because we alll don’t want to be there.

But, if you only put people in that wanted to be there, suddenly so much more gets accomplished and everyone is happier. Happy students, happy school, better grades. 

I know that the biggest concern is that there’s be a bunch more people giving up on school as a result, and only enrolling in things like photography or auto shop. But I really believe that having more of a choice will change kids’ perspective, make school more fun, and less of a pain in the ass.

Seriously, none of my classes right now will ever come in handy. So I hate going to school, partly because it’s filled with high-off-their-ass or drunk half the time dumb ass whores, but partly because I feel like I’m wasting my times, and the teachers’ time. None of this is useful to me. I’d be so much happier going to school if I had ceramics again, and art, language, chemistry and business math. Maybe even photography, I like taking pictures and would love to try it “professionally”. But the language thing? I’m writing that novelly thing (somebody, PLEASE read it and tell me what you think, it’s under metro station called &&jagged) and I want to hone in my writing skills and be a better writer. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll publish a book and it’ll be a best-seller. Chemistry and  business math? My college plan is beauty school, and someday, I want to run my own salon. And seriously, those are all you need for beauty school. Those, and being pretty social, which I’ll have to work on.



I have school tomorrow. Today. And it’s midnight. So I’m  off to bed.
Night 🙂


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