Ranting about Bioshock Infinite

The graphics are beautiful, fine. Like the reflections in water? Amazing. But everything else kind of fell to pieces.

I tend to go through games systematically, starting on easy and getting all the basic achievements, then working up.

I got 30 of the 50 achievements in the first game.

The sniper rifles pretty good, I tend to stick with that and the shotgun. For Vigors, the only one I ever really used was Possession. The Lutece Twins occasionally offer items or advice, and they’re pretty alright.


– You can’t carry more than one health pack. You have the one bar, that’s it.

– You can’t carry more than two guns at a time. Choose carefully, and figure out early on which ones work best on the widest array of enemies.

– Most of the Vigors are area attacks.

– There seem to be some guns that your shield doesn’t protect against.

– The shield sucks.

– Reload time on every gun sucks.

– For some inexplicable reason, 2K and Irrational decided to send you on multiple wild goose chases, circling around the same areas and going back and forth from the same buildings multiple times.

– Usually, you can’t go back to places you’ve left.

– There’s less random things to find.

– There’s a few side missions–finding code books for Vox codes and random keys mostly. But they’re pretty much a waste of time.

– Everyone is mad at you all the time. The religious people are mad because you’re the False Shepherd, the political people are mad because you give guns to the rebels, the rebels are mad because they think that you’re an impostor. The ghosts are just pissed off at everything. The Boys of Silence are programmed to scream when they see you, like a freakin’ rape whistle. EVERYONE HATES YOU, EVEN ELIZABETH.

– Elizabeth is just flat out stupid. She gets caught all the time, is brash and impulsive, irresponsible, and can’t stomach little things like beheading someone. (maybe it’s just me. But I really don’t like her.)

– The last fight is randomly ten times harder than the rest of the game. It’s the type of piece where you have to protect something from being destroyed over a series of floods, in this case, ZEPPELINS THAT LITERALLY BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR AIR SHIP. And, they send heavy artillery, so you run out of ammo FAST.

– The end is seriously the biggest (excuse me, ahem) mindfuck ever.

– Everything is super expensive — always have at least ten grand on you if you plan on upgrading weapons or Vigors, or even just getting simple supplies like health or salts.



Alright, that’s it! I’m done ranting now :3 until the next time I find something to rant about!



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