I’ll Remember You

It was just one year ago,

A summer much colder than this;

I remember how you used to fidget

And avoid my hand,

Not sure what to do with yourself.

And I remember our first kiss,

You were so unsure of yourself,

But eventually you got it right

And kissing became wonderful fleeting seconds when

Our lips pressed together gently

And our tongues danced.

I remember  how uncomfortable you seemed with the idea of


And “we”

And “together”,

And I remember barely noticing as the discomfort slowly faded into

You becoming the most comfortable pillow,

And I, the warmest blanket.

It was just one year ago

When your touch was the most comforting feeling

Soft pressure on my skin,

Strong arms holding me close.

I used to look into your deep brown eyes,

So much warmer than my own,

And I was able to see the very depths of your love for me.

Does your soul still long for mine

The way mine pines for yours?

After so long, I can still feel your gentle fingertips

Tracing circles on my skin,

As fresh as the first time you did

All those months ago.

I remember your arms holding me close,

Tightly and gently all at the same time,

Comforting me when I couldn’t be strong anymore—

The first time you knew that I was not as fearless

As you thought I was.

What a summer that was,

Still so fresh in my mind.

And even though you’re gone now,

I’ll remember you.


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