I’ve Returned from my Journey to the Netherworld

It’s been a while since I was serious about blogging, and for that I am sorry (mostly for myself, because this was a good release of tension and I really could’ve used that over the past few months).

So anyway, I have returned!

Let’s see, my hair is lavender, my favorite color is lavender (haha), I’ll be 16 in about a month and a half, I’ve become addicted to my X-Box (which I got for Christmas), I’ve been listening to Ghost Town lately (meaning they’ve been on repeat for three weeks), and…… pfft, I’m sure there’s more but I’ll remember it later. OH! My boyfriend and I were commissioned by our Language teacher to write a novel this semester. Not going so great, that.

As I sit here listening to, you guessed it, Ghost Town, at one a.m. on a school night, all I can think about is how much I most sincerely do NOT want to go to school tomorrow. Not only because they screwed up my online French class so I’m stuck in Journalism AGAIN, but because I am so far ahead in so many of my classes that holding up to wait on everyone else is just becoming tedious. Like in Geometry, I’m on lesson 8.3 despite the fact we haven’t eve taken the chapter 7 test yet.

And my teachers, oh god they are all on my last nerve, with the single exception of my ceramics teacher. Last semester half of them promised that if we kept our grades up we could be exempt from finals, well THEY LIED. I only managed to get out of two of the promised four finals. Though I did pass with all A’s, so that’s good I guess.

By the way I encourage everyone to listen to Ghost Town. Cue: Tentacles

It feels like my entire experience with both 2013 and 2014 have been nothing but exasperating. Teachers are being idiots, adults are getting nosier, other teens are drinking and f*ucking and smoking more and more and MORE……… and I’m just sitting on my bed surfing the internet, always.

You know, I should be in dance right now. Ballet. Pointe. Twirling and prancing and feeling good about myself for once, but no. Even that was taken from me by a dumbass teacher that thought everyone could do hurdles without any prior experience with track. There were at least four other people on crutches as a result, and my knee never healed correctly so even if I can manage ballet again, I will never be able to go back on pointe. Of course, the doctors swear there’s nothing wrong. The X-Rays didn’t show anything, and our insurance wouldn’t cover an MRI so I couldn’t see anything there either. But I can feel it–my leg sliding in half. I have this deep-seeded fear that one day I’ll be walking down stairs or climbing up or hiking or running, and half my leg will come with me and the other half will snap off. It’s really very unsettling.

Did I mention I love Ghost Town? Cue: Monster

And my boyfriend, because it was his amazingness that fixed everything up again, and we’ve just passed the milestone of one year and eight months, a feat rarely reached by teens nowadays. He’s been so supportive this whole time, and I really don’t deserve it, but it’s because of him that I’ve really begun to enjoy life again, and that’s something I never thought I’d feel again.

Cue: Dreamer

Also my art has improved! Tons, actually. Check it out:





And so on.

Cue: Game Freak

So, despite my very frustrating run-ins with humans lately, my neutrality reigns high. I really couldn’t care less about anything at all right now.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello, lovelies 🙂 so hello!


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