Flame: Chapter 3

The strange boys that crashed into her hideout were the most obnoxious creatures that she had ever seen. She had always disliked young men, because of their rowdy, repulsive manner and their crude sense of decency. These two vagabonds fit the bill perfectly: messy, sweaty, and ignorantly loud. Fortunately for Kyra, they had not yet noticed that their new hiding place had another member, and this allowed her to slip back into the darkness unnoticed, deciding to wait until they left to take any sort of action.

Once again, time was not in her favour, and after several minutes of waiting, Kyra began to get just the slightest bit ticked off. The invidious hyenas had been laughing their heads off for no reason and admiring the rather long case in front of them for far too long, and it was slowly driving her insane. It was time to get out.

Crouched down on all fours, she cautiously crawled towards the exit, eying the boys after every miniscule movement. Still as oblivious as when they’d arrived, the boys never once looked her direction, and as she neared the opening of the cave, she began to move faster. This sudden speed-up caused a chain of chaos to ensue.

A sharp rock extruding from the dirt scraped along her already tender shins, and she let out a short yelp of pain. The noise was just enough to attract the boys’ attention, and the slimmer of the two approached her, muttering something about hoping she was okay. In that moment of panic, her foot flew through the air and hit his stomach with a dull thud. “Auron!” the other boy yelled and looked straight at her, “why you…” Thwack.

Kyra pulled her fist back to her, standing ready for the blows that were sure to come, but instead the two boys simply rolled around in the dirt, groaning in pain. She let herself relax, certain they would not attack her when they knew she could fight back.

“What was that for?!” the second whined, coddling his bruised cheek in a fetal position. Kyra stood grimly, leaving the question unanswered. He gritted his teeth, and turned to help his friend, apparently named Auron, whose breath had just barely returned.

“Solomon,” he whispered quietly, “did we just get beaten by a girl?”

Solomon flashed a grin and rubbed his cheek again, “Yeah, I’d say we did.”

The two sat up, whispering amongst themselves and trying Kyra’s patience once more. She began to wonder if they would notice if she left, but something about these two morons intrigued her. Against her better judgment, she stayed, pacing back and forth on the little space left of the cave that was not intended to house three people.

“Hey, you! What are you doing here?” The sudden volume of Solomon’s voice startled her. She turned to face them.

“Well I’m so sorry for ruining your little party,” she muttered sarcastically, “but I was here first! So I think the question is what are you doing here?”

“We were seeking shelter from the rain!” Auron piped in.

“Oh yes, because you two grimy boys look completely horrified at the thought of a little rain. I bet the concept of a bath every once in a while was just lost on the two of you” Kyra said, as she saw the water droplets still clinging to their hair and clothes.

“Alright everyone calm down,” Solomon interjected. “Look lady, my friend and I have had a rough morning, could you just leave us alone?”

Shocked at his treatment of her, Kyra began to mouth a royal order, but realized that this wasn’t Luminae, and she wasn’t a princess–not anymore. She closed her mouth and continued pacing, until the strange case caught her eye again. “You’re hiding.”

“What did you say? We’re what?” Auron growled.

“Hiding. That’s why you’re in this cave, in the middle of nowhere. You’re hiding, probably because you stole whatever’s in that case.”

“Well how would you know it’s stolen?”

“Why are you defending yourself if it’s not?”

“Okay, okay” Solomon shrugged, “Let’s pretend for five minutes that perhaps the sword is stolen, and perhaps my friend and I are hiding from Luminean Guard, what could you do about that?” Kyra opened her mouth once again to present her royal roots, but shut it just as quickly.

“Exactly.” Auron stretched out his legs and slouched back, making himself comfortable.

“I could still report you.”

“We’re far from the Guard now,” he said cockily, “and nobody is gonna catch us.”



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